DMV abstract


A showcase of young and inspiring talent from the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia areas that include, but are not limited to: musicians, photographers, painters, illustrators and spoken word performers. DMV abstract gives artists an opportunity to network and support each other while expressing their own creativity.

Starting in 2015, my goal is to host an event where these artists can promoteĀ their various and equally amazing talents once a year, for family, friends and local supporters. I want to provide artists with exposure that can connect and publicize their work to a larger audience.

I came up with the idea for DMV abstract because I know so many incredibly talented people who are my age in the area who deserve the moment to shine. But some people often feel that our generation is unable to support one another due to our insecurity that someone else could take the dream we’ve worked so hard to get to. I believe that we can go further if we work together and let go of the “crabs in a barrel” mentality. As separate units, fingers can be easily broken but close them and a fist multiplies in strength.

This is the DMV.

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